Meet the Pack

Jamie Davenport

The Top Dog

Jamie is a graphic designer who enjoys helping clients build a web presence that reflects their brand and engages their customers. She has a BFA in Graphic Design from St. Rose, in Albany, NY and a MA in Graphic Design from SCAD, in Savannah, GA–plus a couple of education degrees mixed in there. Jamie loves to travel all over and take crazy amounts of photos.

Josie (a.k.a Joe)

K9 Sidekick #1

Josie, who responds to, Joe Joe and Josie Whales along with a whole list of other nick-names is a 4 year old english bulldog. She spends her days lounging on the couch, staring at patches of light that reflect around the house as the sun moves throughout the day and keeping her big sister, Zoey, in line.

Zoey (a.k.a Zoe)

K9 Sidekick #2

Zoey, is just Zoey. She is a wild and crazy english bulldog who apparently missed the memo that bulldogs are supposed to be lazy. Most of the time Zoey can be found causing trouble. She makes sure to tell Jamie when she's been working on the computer for too long by stealing a favorite shoe or anything else she can find.